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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Climate Controlled storage?

Climate Controlled Storage in 02346 and 02347
In Climate Controlled Storage, the storage units are heated and cooled depending on the weather to prevent temperature extremes and condensation.

2. Why would I need Climate Controlled Storage?

If you are storing items for more than a single season (Spring-Summer)(Fall-Winter) and have items that may be damaged due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, then you should choose climate controlled storage.

3. What kind of damage occurs due to extreme changes in humidity and temperature?

Changes in temperature and humidity increase the risk of warping, splitting, rust, corrosion, yellowing, mold and mildew. Any item that can be damaged by temperature or humidity changes may incur this type of damage in non-climate controlled storage.

4. What are some examples of items that are prone to such damage?

Climate sensitive items include antiques, furniture, artwork, collectibles, books, photographs, musical instruments, clothing, furs, fine linens, medical supplies, TVs, computers, stereos, and other electronics equipment, motorcycles and any item of value that you may be concerned “could be”, probably should be considered for climate controlled storage.

5. Why is Lakeville Self Storage considered a “Green” facility?

Lakeville Self Storage was recognized as one of the “Top 10 Green Storage Facilities” because of the use of Geothermal Energy. As Owner Bill Markson points out “Actually, we use geothermal for heating in winter as well as cooling in summer.  …  The water is pumped through heat pumps which transfer the heat energy from or to the air (depending on the season) which is then blown through ducts to heat or cool the storage units.  You should come out and see it some time.” Climate Controlled Storage in 02346 and 02347

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